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Please Help Me :(

Posted on 11/06/2015 (Comments Closed)
in creditor

I am new to this blog and I am hoping someone can help me out here. I have thought of setting up a donation website, or some other form of help.

I owe money for my car, pay pal, car insurance, past internet bills, credit card, my bank, my family, my home (which has already gone in default and was supposed togo for short sale..)

The reason being is I met a man back where I used to live, in Maryland who seemed like a good man at the time except when Ifound out I was pregnant with his baby, I got ill, lost my job for 6 months, chewed up my savings AND MORE because I had to eat. My own family could not help me much, but his family moved me up here to Alaska and offered childcare as his mom is a daycare provider however…. I lost my job in maryland backin january 2008 and have had trouble with jobs up here until now but now I am in serious serous debt. My total income for the year of 2008 was $15,000 rounded UP.

My problem is my debt is not mostly crdit card debt, it is all debt that has things attached… I tried to get my home set up for a short sale but I am wondering if there are different options for that now because I now have a job.

I want to be an independant woman again with my own place, and have everything for me and my son. Are there any grants that can help me? Any options for me that I am overlooking?

First off stop panicking! You can’t move forward until you set aside your fears. First and foremost is your ability to afford your housing and living expenses – does your current income cover these expenses with some income left over as contingency money for unexpected expenses? If it does then you should attempt to stop the short sale and get a workout plan started with your home lender.

If not, let the home go through short sale process and move to more affordable quarters even if it means renting. Try getting 1000 – 5000 dollar loan from 5000LoanHelp.com. Your car and car insurance should be included in your living expenses since you’ll likely need these to get to your job. If you owe money to a bank be sure to move any savings or checking money to another bank right away. Everything else s unsecured including your family. You must support yourself first.

Look for opportunities to increase income – part time work, weekend work, start a business on the cheap. Don’t give up – you won’t go to debtors prison and many times you’ll feel overwhelmed, but you can overcome your situation by focusing on your immediate needs first. Good Luck.

It is a relief

Posted on 05/09/2015 (Comments Closed)
in creditor, fund

By creditor #2, I learned a new phrase today: “stabilize the account.” When I explained what I wanted to do with the account, he said, “ok. If you pay $50 today, that will STABILIZE the account.” I asked what that meant. He said it will keep it from charging off, going into the active debt […]

For real

Posted on 04/28/2015 (Comments Closed)
in creditor

DH got his first check from work, I got my last one. Talked to a creditor to whom our balance with late fees was $251. If I was able to make a $100 payment today, they would credit back all the late fees ($70) Which would leave me with only an $80 balance before it […]

If you do baby step one

Posted on 04/04/2015 (Comments Closed)
in fund

$1,000 emergency fund, then start on debt snowball and your car breaks down and you have to get another one, what do you do since you haven’t had enough time to save for a vehicle. I can’t see Dave saying to go get a loan but if you have no money to go buy another […]


Posted on 03/05/2015 (Comments Closed)
in car

Please let me know how you like it. I’ll be surprised if you get 48mpg though. The new TDI engine is nothing like the old TDI. I test drove the 2010 model and it felt like a wind up car compared to the older models. I have an ’03 TDI Jetta and LOVE it (and […]

I am getting a 2010 VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI

Posted on 02/27/2015 (Comments Closed)
in car

Tax Credit of $1,300 that I can actually be eligible for. It is supposed to get upwards of 48MPG on the highway and I should be able to use bio-diesel when it gets more popular.

We are buying our first car with cash

Posted on 02/05/2015 (Comments Closed)
in cash

My 12 year old car is going bye-bye on Saturday (assuming I can find the title). VW Jetta TDI. It should get 49MPG on the highway and there is a $1,300 tax rebate that I am actually qualified to get.