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For real

Posted by tcradmin on 04/28/2015 (Comments Closed)

DH got his first check from work, I got my last one. Talked to a creditor to whom our balance with late fees was $251. If I was able to make a $100 payment today, they would credit back all the late fees ($70) Which would leave me with only an $80 balance before it was completely paid off. So even though I would Have preferred to pay them $50-60 today, not having to pay back the additional $70 was a big carrot.

If you do baby step one

Posted by tcradmin on 04/04/2015 (Comments Closed)
in fund

$1,000 emergency fund, then start on debt snowball and your car breaks down and you have to get another one, what do you do since you haven’t had enough time to save for a vehicle. I can’t see Dave saying to go get a loan but if you have no money to go buy another one yet then what?